The 'Gozie and Friends' Children's Book Series

There are currently three books available in the ‘Gozie and Friends’ children's book series; ‘Gozie’s Eventful Day’, ‘Henry’s Visit’ and ‘Morris’s New Home’.


The series can be read in any order and is suitable for children aged between 3 and 7 years old.

The 'Gozie and Friends' series is set in Razzett Lelluxa, a beautiful villa in the village of Xaghra on the Maltese Island of Gozo.


The main character is a dragonfly called 'Gozie' who, along with his friends, finds himself caught up in exciting, fun adventures whilst meeting new and interesting characters.


The books inspire imagination and take you on a magical journey where friendship and teamwork overcome all.

Gozie's Eventful Day

When Gozie’s wings are stolen, all his friends work together to help him.

Find out if he gets them back ...


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Henry's Visit

As Gozie and his friends prepare for the Xaghra Festa celebrations, they meet an unusual character who takes them on an adventure to the island of Malta.


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Morris's New Home

Gozie and his friends prepare for the winter months, however find themselves immersed in an exciting and secret community whilst helping their dear friend Morris.


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